Atwood Culvert Engineering

Living in Canada, you’re sure to see from time to time a road that’s been washed out and made impassable following a heavy rain or a period of snow melting. The likely culprit is poor culvert engineering. However, the good news is that this kind of motorway mishap is often preventable. With proper design and implementation, culverts can drain and divert the water to harmless areas, leaving the road high and dry. If you need culvert engineering in Atwood, come to the experts: G. Douglas Vallee Limited!

Our firm has completed hundreds of successful culvert engineering projects over the years. With over 300 years of combined experience between our engineers, we know culverts! We are intimately familiar with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, and the Fisheries Act, and we know how to design culverts that fit within all standards and regulations.

Culverts may not be glamorous, but they are vital to the effectiveness and upkeep of roads and highways in our Canadian climate. You want to be sure they are done correctly the first time. If you have a culvert engineering project that needs overseeing in Atwood, trust your project to the professional team at G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

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