Atwood Grade Checks

If you’ve recently purchased a property in Atwood, either residential or commercial, it’s important to make sure the property’s grading is up to scratch. Proper grading helps water run away from your building, instead of pooling and seeping through the foundation, causing flooding. Water damage can be very expensive to fix, not to mention it could damage personal items which are irreplaceable. It’s best to simply avoid it before it ever happens, and that’s where G. Douglas Vallee can help: grade checks for your Atwood property.
Our team of experienced professionals will examine the surrounding topography, the architectural design, and any drainage systems that are already in place. In doing so we can assess your property to make sure you’re not at risk of water damage caused by heavy rain or snow melt. Our engineers know exactly what to look for to ensure that your lot grading meets the municipal guidelines.
Don’t get caught off guard by flooding and water damage. Take the proper precautions beforehand; after all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call G. Douglas Vallee today, and have your Atwood property grading checked by a professional to make sure there’s no water damage in your future!

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