Aylmer Bridge Engineering

Some people have a fear of bridges. For whatever reason, they get anxious whenever they cross a bridge or travel under one. Their chest tightens and their pulse races. It’s call gephyrophobia and it’s actually a more common condition than you may think. At G. Douglas Vallee, we don’t fear bridges, but we do respect them. That’s why we bring the absolute highest standards to bear on every Aylmer bridge engineering job we take on. 

We’ve completed hundreds of successful civil bridge projects in our more than 60 years of operation. From designing bridges from scratch, to providing crucial maintenance to aging bridges, or just bringing our knowledgeable opinion to bear on an inspection, we know the secret to a great bridge is being attentive to the details. When you’re working with such an important civil project, there is no such thing as half-measures or shortcuts – we work by the book and to our own exacting standards and we don’t put our name on anything less than perfection. 

Our expert engineers have more than 300 combined man-years of experience between them. We know how to design, scale, and complete a project on schedule and within budget. And with our forward looking and progressive continual training standards, and our commitment to the latest in technological innovations, you can be sure that G. Douglas Vallee will always be at the forefront of civil engineering.

If you have an Alymer bridge engineering project, there is only one name you should call – G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Fill out the contact information on the side of the page now to get started. 

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