Ayr Bridge Engineering

Have you ever stepped foot on an ice bridge? Very nerve racking. These are natural frozen structures that form over large bodies of water when the temperature dips low enough. Crazy as it is to think about, ice bridges are responsible for entire societies existing. They were the only way primitive man could hope to span large bodies of water in great numbers. At G. Douglas Vallee, we can’t help you get your mammoth across the channel, but we can help you get your car to work with our bridge engineering services!

Structural engineering is a unique challenge in the design world. It requires the perfect blend of creativity and hard science. There is a lot of number crunching behind every bridge you drive over. Calculations on span, weight, wind resistance, and much more need to be made before you pour a single block of cement. 

But a bridge is more than just a conveyance over some water or another road. They are also important ley lines of commerce and travel in a city. They have to be designed to enhance the community around them. And while some bridges are merely functional, more and more, municipalities seek to express some kind of character or identity in their bridge design. It makes sense. If a bridge is going to be around for decades to come, don’t you want it to look good?

We’re specialists in structural engineering. We know our way around bridges, both maintaining existing structures and designing entirely new ones. We know how to balance all of the unique demands your Ayr bridge engineering project demands. Our team of experienced engineers have worked on hundreds of successful bridge projects and we know exactly how important they are to the communities they serve.

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