Ayr Culvert Engineering

Culverts are one of the most important elements of our modern infrastructure. Whether you’re in an urban centre or a rural community, chances are there is a culvert near you performing an essential task. Despite their importance though, they are also one of the most overlooked elements of civil engineering. Nobody thinks about them, but without strong culvert engineering, communities like Ayr would be difficult to navigate indeed!

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we like to think we have an eye for detail, and that means paying attention to the little things. We understands what makes a good culvert and the unique challenges that come along with building around existing properties and roads.

There are a wide range of culverts out there, each with their own applications and advantages. Pipe culverts are cheap and effective, but prone to erosion and bacteria. Box culverts are also economical, but you need to be careful about their foundations. Arch culverts can be used to turn a practical piece of civil engineering into a pleasant piece of landscape design, but they tend to be more expensive and require more effort to install. Then there are pipe-arch and metal box culverts for more specific jobs with unique needs. 

Do you know which would work best for your project? That’s okay, it’s our job to figure that out! Trust G. Douglas Vallee for your Ayr culvert engineering needs and we’ll make sure you get the right culvert for the job.

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