Brantford Grade Checks

Flooding caused by melting snow, heavy rainfall, or runoff can cause all kinds of problems for property owners. It doesn’t matter whether you have an old or new building, or whether it’s residential or commercial—proper precautions are really the only way to prevent future issues caused by excess water.

That means Brantford grade checks are one of the most important things a property owner can do to ensure the longevity of their building. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we offer grade checks for properties, among other services such as watermain design and storm and sanitary sewer design. If you have a water flow that needs directing, we know how to do it!

We also take our work seriously, and are deeply committed to following any and all municipal guidelines for lot grading. We’ll fill you in on each step, and complete the process in a timely manner that allows your project to move forward without delay. When it comes to Brantford grade checks, G. Douglas Vallee Limited truly does make the grade!

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