Brantford House Addition Drawings

It’s no easy task to design a house addition that not only provides the functionality needed to the home’s interior purposes, but that also fits into the existing exterior (and interior!) aesthetic of the home. Resale value should go up, but you want to be able to live in it and feel at home right now. But do your ideas conform to local bylaws, permits, and requirements?

There’s a lot to juggle, and we at G. Douglas Vallee Limited get it. It’s a complicated task! So we’d like to be the team you call on to create those Brantford house addition drawings for you. We’re a company that’s built on a solid foundation of honesty and strong client relationships. We have a passion and drive for what we do, and we want to create drawings that reflect your vision for your family’s home.

G. Douglas Vallee will work within your budget to create house addition drawings in Brantford that fill your requirements and those of the city, making sure you’re involved at each turn. After all, it’s your home! And as a member of the Canadian Green Building Council, we look for opportunities to employ sustainable design strategies in key areas, should that be a concern for your house addition.

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