Caledonia Bridge Engineering

Have you ever heard of an ice bridge? Ice bridges are natural, frozen structures formed over bodies of water like rivers or seas. They facilitate migration over these previously uncrossable bodies of water—some ice bridges can span several miles. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, our Caledonia bridge engineering doesn’t create natural marvels like ice bridges, but we’d assert our bridges are more reliable and last longer… plus, they don’t melt in the heat!

All joking aside, at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’ve completed hundreds of successful bridge and culvert projects for area municipalities since incorporation in 1964. Whether the work is new or a replacement structure, a rehabilitation, or a related task like OSIM inspections and municipal need studies, we have the experience and expertise to carry it out to perfection.

Our strong familiarity with the regulatory requirements of the Navigable Water Protection Act, the Fisheries Act, and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code means that we approach every Caledonia bridge engineering project with the utmost care and detailed knowledge to bring the project to successful completion. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited today for a bridge that’ll cross any body of land or water—but we’ll leave the ice sculpturing at home. 

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