Cayuga Bridge Engineering

Have you heard of toothpick bridges? These are bridge models made by artists using only toothpicks and wood glue. Sometimes these toothpick bridges are entered into load-bearing contests to see how sturdy they are! Now, G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s professional engineers can work with any material, but the Cayuga bridge engineering we do is for more than just show. We build sturdy bridges that stand the test of time, and we certainly don’t use wood glue to hold them together!

In fact, at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we have over 300 combined years of experience on our team that can be put to work on your behalf. Unlike many other firms who offer impersonal service and standard box solutions, we take a relationship-based approach with our clients. That means we’ll listen to you and the needs of the project, and then develop a solution that’s relevant to the situation.

We have successfully completed hundreds of structural engineering projects in the history of our practice, giving us a strong and confident familiarity of the requirements of area municipalities.

If you’re looking for a team that will listen, strategize, and then keep you informed at every step of your Cayuga bridge engineering project, call G. Douglas Vallee Limited today.

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