Delhi Culvert Engineering

Ever wonder how our Canadian roads stay drivable? With our wild weather patterns, snow melt, and occasional flooding, how do our roads stay dry and safe? The answer is good culvert engineering. Delhi, like every other municipality, relies on these unsung heroes of engineering to keep our roads safe and homes and businesses dry.

At G. Douglas Vallee, we pay attention to the details. The little things that get lost in the big picture but are none the less essential. We understand culvert design as a necessary part of urban planning and protecting the environment. Good culvert design keeps the water flowing away from where it shouldn’t be and draining into naturally advantageous and safe areas that supports the local wildlife.

We’ve taken on hundreds of culvert projects over the years and they’ve always been successful. We understand the nuances that make a culvert work and the regulations involved. We’re knowledgeable about the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, and the Fisheries Act and know how to design a project that will fulfill its goals without running afoul of regulation. 

Details matter! When you need culvert engineering in Delhi, contract a firm that knows how to do the job right and can pay attention to the little things. Contract G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

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