Dutton House Addition Drawings

If you needed surgery, would you let your doctor “wing it?” I mean, he’s done things like this before, right? He’ll just start with a few simple cuts, move some stuff around, and see what things are like when he gets in there. Does that sound crazy to you? Then why do so many people take a similar approach to their house additions! The stakes might not be as high as open heart surgery, but the idea is the same. You need a plan before you start knocking down walls and putting in flooring. You need Dutton house addition drawings that are professionally designed.

A lot of people tend to think of a house addition as a “simple” project. But, the truth is additions can be unexpectedly complicated and still need to adhere to many regulations and bylaws. Not only are house additions more work than most people think they will be, you need to navigate a surprising amount of  of red tape to do the job legitimately. 

This is why you want your plans drawn up by professionals. At G. Douglas Vallee, our team of designers have worked on every kind of project imaginable. We have decades of experience at our finger tips and intimate knowledge of every regulation and common snag house additions get caught up in. We’ll help you plan, scale, and design your house addition so the work goes smooth, the end result is amazing, and with no hassle from the municipality.

Anytime someone says “I’ll wing it” you need to grab the hammer out of their hands immediately. Approach the job with professionally designed Dutton house addition drawings and have a plan you can rely on.

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