Elora Bridge Engineering

 Bridges are important symbols in a community. In Elora, the David St bridge was a historic landmark that the town fought to preserve. While it was determined that the original bridge was beyond repair, efforts were made to preserve the nearby pier and even construct a replica.  That is the power of bridges, they are more than just a path over water! When you need a bridge that will stand the test of time in Elora, call on G. Douglas Vallee for your bridge engineering!
At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’ve had the pleasure of working on tons of bridge projects. We’ve been involved in rehabilitation and maintenance efforts for aging bridges, and we’ve designed entirely new bridges from scratch. Each time, we do so with the knowledge of how important a bridge is to a community both in the practical sense, and as a landmark and icon.

Bridges are a special responsibility. When we are hired for a job either working on, or designing, a bridge, we approach it with the respect and care the job deserves. We always do our best to incorporate a pleasing aesthetic design that fits with the goals and needs of the project. 

Let us help you build the next David St bridge, the next landmark that will stand for over a century and become a landmark in the community. Contact us for your Elora bridge engineering project.

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