Elora Demolition Permit Drawings

Have you ever watched one of those massive demolition operations? Of course you have! Major demolitions, like the Elwah dam removal, or the JL Hudson Department store are national news stories that always grab attention. YouTube is chock a block with highlight reels and “demolition fail” videos you can browse. But have you ever thought of the work that goes into these operations? That’s where Elora demolition permit drawings come in. 

If you have a structure to knock down, big or small, you want to do it right. Unless you want to see your own project on YouTube a few years from now, you need to hire a firm that knows exactly what is involved in a successful demolition. At G. Douglas Vallee, we’ve done our homework and know how to tear things down safely and securely.

You might think knocking down a structure is easy, but it is actually delicate work. You need to survey the area, assess any potential risks (debris collapsing on nearby buildings), any potential hazards that may lie inside the building (asbestos, chemicals, etc), and how the best way to reliably compromise a building’s supports and take it down in one fell swoop (the last thing you want to have is a half knocked down building). And before you move in the bulldozer or swing a hammer, you need to be able to prove you’ve thought it all through and have adhered to every regulation.

With G. Douglas Vallee designed demolition permit drawings in Elora, you’ll not only have the documentation to pass municipal approval, but also a rock solid plan to complete your demolition. Call us today with the details of your project and we’ll get to work.

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