Guelph Bridge Engineering

Did you know that wrought iron wasn’t introduced to the design of large bridges until the 19th century? The use of steel in bridge construction came even later, replacing wrought iron due to steel’s higher tensile strength.

Whoever designed that first steel bridge definitely knew their materials—an extremely important consideration when it comes to designing a structure that needs to support a significant amount of weight. At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re happy to say that when it comes to Guelph bridge engineering, we know our materials too! Whether it’s steel, concrete, masonry, or something completely different, we can work with it—and we can make it work.

We’re proud to have a bridge design and construction specialist on our team, and he has plenty of experience working with various municipalities in southern Ontario. He knows how to navigate those sometimes tricky waters, which helps to ease client stress and keep projects moving along on schedule.

Bring G. Douglas Vallee Limited on board for your next Guelph bridge engineering project. We can work with any material, and tailor our involvement to the needs of the project. Allow us to build you a firm foundation for the years to come.

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