Guelph Grade Checks

Who do you call when you need a grade check? Certainly not your mother! No, those days have long passed—and they’re not quite the same kinds of grades as the ones we check. We’re more concerned with water flow and property topography than how many times you skipped gym class. Probably a good thing, too… because at this point in your life, a bad grade check in Guelph will be a lot more damaging than that failing math grade!

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we provide land grading checks for residential lots, commercial lots, or any other type of project. We’re a full service firm with architectural and engineering expertise, home to a team of highly experienced professionals who love what they do, no matter the project’s size or budget.

We know how important grade checks are—and the difference that immaculate grading design can make to a project’s longevity—so regardless of how involved you’d like G. Douglas Vallee Limited to be on your project, we’ll provide the highest level of service at every stage. We believe in honest communication with the client, so we won’t beat around the bush if there’s a problem during the grade check—we want to see your project succeed as much as you do.

If you’re ready for a grade check in Guelph, give G. Douglas Vallee Limited a call today!

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