Hagersville Grade Checks

It’s time to check those grades! I’m not talking about how well you did on your latest chemistry exam, I’m talking about water runoff. Heavy rainfall, melt water, drainage, these are the questions we want to look at. This isn’t the kind of test that ends with an letter grade, a passing grade here means a dry basement! That’s why Hagersville grade checks are so important.

Too many property owners don’t take runoff seriously until it becomes a problem, but a solid grade check really is one of those situations where an ounce of prevention can save you pounds of pain. Water damage is one of the most insidious and costly forms of damage that can be inflicted on a home or property owner, resulting in serious health risks and huge repair bills. 

But, many water damage related accidents can be prevented just by making sure the water in your area is going where it should. By studying the local environment, the topography of the area, and looking at drainage options and possible blockages, we can determine your risk areas and mitigate them. Keep the water where it belongs, and not eroding your foundation.

Nobody likes to take a test, but sometimes it’s in our best interest to make sure everything is copestetic. When you want to know whether or not you stand on level ground, call G. Douglas Vallee for your Hagersville grade check. 

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