Halton Hills Architect

Architects are a different breed. There are plenty of demanding jobs out there. There are plenty of jobs that demand a high level of knowledge, that demand expert math skills, technical chops, and an unrelenting eye for detail. And there are plenty of jobs that demand creativity, an active imagination, a voice that is different than the rest. But being an architect means being all of those things. In Halton Hills, the architect service to turn to when you need a team with the right skills is G. Douglas Vallee.

At G. Douglas Vallee, we hire exceptional people to generate exceptional results. A chief example of this is our Director of Architecture, Mark Martynowicz. Mark manages our architectural team and brings over 30 years of design and engineering excellence to the table. He has worked on projects as diverse as designing units for a subdivision, to creating skate parks and chapels. From commercial blocks to community landmarks, Mark has made a career of designing buildings and structures that are both functional and practical but catch the eye and imagination as well. 

Our entire team follows his lead. We believe there is always room to improve and grow, which is why our firm embraces a progressive continuous training structure and constantly re-invests in new tools and equipment. The world of design never stands still, and neither do we.  When you employ G. Douglas Vallee, you can be sure that you are receiving a service that takes the knowledge and experience of more than 300 combined man years of work with the latest in modern developments and methods.

When you need a Listol architect look no further than the minds behind G. Douglas Vallee. Fill out the contact information on the side of the page, include some brief details on what you want to build, and we’ll get in touch. 

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