Halton Hills House Addition Drawings

It’s always fun to watch those home redesign shows where a designer will casually mention “bumping out” the back of a home to expand on it and provide additional room. What they don’t show on those programs is how much work goes into planning that little “bumping out!” In Halton Hills, we know quality house addition drawings are the start of every great renovation project!

Everyone knows a new building means detailed blueprints and plans. But, what many people forget is the same applies for expansions and additions on existing homes! Without clear and detailed plans, your house addition can be shut down by the municipality at any time and can even void your insurance. You need to do things by the book if you don’t want trouble down the line.

With G.D Vallee, it’s not all about regulations either. Obviously our professional designers will make sure every I is dotted and T crossed on your Halton Hills house addition drawings, but we’ll also help with the design. We’ll apply our decades of experience to your house addition project to help you create a new and comfortable expansion that will fill whatever role you need.

So whether you’re looking for a new bedroom, a sun room, or a new office, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is here to help! Fill out the contact info on the side of the page to get in touch!

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