Hamilton Grading Design

Let’s talk about Hamilton grading design for a moment. Site grading minimizes low, wet areas on the land—this is a given. But did you realize that grading and drainage can actually reduce the amount of cut or fill materials needed during a construction project? Proper grading design means spending less on unnecessary amounts of material, or ensuring that you don’t have too much left over at the end of construction. 

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re experts in grading design. We know how to design the land so that water damage is not only prevented in the long-term, but we do so in a way that can potentially save you money during the construction period. From where we’re standing, that’s a pretty good deal—it means you begin reaping the benefits of proper grading from the very beginning. No need to wait for plenty of rainfall to see those results!

Our firm is dedicated to providing Professional Engineering and Architectural services for projects of all sizes, whether it’s a small venture like a single grading design project, or a complete project from start to finish. We also offer administration and construction field services, for both municipal and private projects.

Don’t delay—call G. Douglas Vallee Limited for your next Hamilton grading design. 

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