Ingersoll Culvert Engineering

When we think of civil engineering, we think of decidedly modern improvements. Power lines, sewage systems and such. But, some of the civil engineering projects we take for granted today actually date back to before the Roman Empire. Both the Romans, and before them the ancient Minoans designed and constructed culverts to keep their cities clean and water flowing properly! Today, we carry on that tradition with our Ingersoll culvert engineering.

While our firms lifespan only dates back to  1964 (a drop in the bucket compared to 1500 BC), we’re proud of our many succesfful bridge and culvert projects. Culverts are an incredibly important piece of civil engineering that tends to go unnoticed. However, culverts are what let us navigate country roads during heavy rain and snow. They’re what provides flow away from vulnerable properties and towards safe wetlands. They help minimize our impact on nearby ecosystems, making the area more livible for both humans and animals alike.

Whether you need a culvert for a public project or for a private property, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is the firm to call on. When you need Ingersoll culvert engineering, trust in our experience and skills to make your project a success.

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