Ingersoll Grading Design

Drainage, runoff, slopes – what do these have to do with design? Everything! While Ingersoll grading design isn’t the most exciting aspect of a building project, it is an absolutely essential one. Good grading design can mean all the difference between a secure building that stands for the next 50 years, or a flooded boondoggle that bankrupts everyone in the process.

Grading design is essentially the art of making sure water goes where it’s supposed to. Namely, away from your building. Using the natural lay of the land to direct water into safe drainage areas helps avoid pooling water and seepage. This not only means a dry basement and foundation, but no health of safety concerns during the winter months when all that water could freeze, or during the annual thaw where it would all flood. 

While the long term benefits of grading design are obvious, they can also help in the immediate. By working with the local topography to minimize the amount of cut and fill materials you’d normally need to shape a drainage solution, you can actually save money during construction. 

Don’t wind up kicking yourself later when your foundation is cracked and your basement is flooded. Call G. Douglas Vallee to do your Ingersoll grading design and make sure you can enjoy your building well into the future.

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