Ingersoll Home Designs

Everyone dabbles in a little home design now and then. We start when we’re young, playing with Lego blocks and our imagination. Some of us keep doing into adulthood, playing on games like the Sims or Minecraft to design our little virtual homes. But, for us, Ingersoll home design is more than just a hobby, it’s our way of life!

Home design is a craft made of a million smaller details. Extensions, additions, floor plans, plumbing, design, and more – there is a lot more to keep track of than which blocks will go where! Since our inception in 1964, G. Douglas Vallee has been designing homes big and small all across Ontario. We’ve  developed an expert team of engineers and designers who make this craft of a million details seem easy.

We’ve built our reputation on the strength of our client relationships, honesty, and craftsmanship. We work closely with our clients in every project we take on because we never lose sight of the fact that homes are designed for people – they need to fulfill their needs before anything else. We keep our clients updated and involved every step of the way so they always have a crystal clear idea of where things are in the project, and how it’s going. As professionals, we always want to offer every assurance we can that you’ve trusted the right people for the job.

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