Innerkip Bridge Engineering

Bridges are integral to travel, whether they are spanning water, a road, or a ravine. It’s impossible to drive too far in southern Ontario without crossing a bridge on your journey. When you’re driving across the Thames River and you look down at the water below, you want to be sure the bridge beneath you is strong and structurally sound. If you’re constructing a bridge, you need a reliable firm with experience in structural engineering overseeing your Innerkip bridge engineering project.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new bridge or update an existing structure, we at G. Douglas Vallee Limited are here for you every step of the way. With over 300 combined years of experience between the members of our team, we have overseen hundreds of successful bridge projects in our 50-year tenure serving the community of southern Ontario. Our team of professionals is well versed in all the necessary regulatory requirements involved in bridge design and construction, such as the Canadian Highway Bridge design code, the Fisheries Act, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

Let G. Douglas Vallee Limited provide you with the peace of mind that your Innerkip bridge engineering project is in good hands!

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