Innerkip Culvert Engineering

Innerkip has its share of creeks and streams. After all, the village is located near the Thames River, so it’s only natural that there will be some offshoots. It also goes without saying that you’re going to want roads to be able to safely span those creeks. Whether you need a new culvert or an existing one replaced or renovated, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is who you want at the helm of your Innerkip culvert engineering project.

Although a culvert may seem simple (just stick some metal pipe under the road, right?), many crucial factors come into play when designing and installing culverts. Improper materials can corrode or give out, and if the culvert is not sized properly, too much water passing through too small an opening will wash away the surrounding soil over time. Both can result in sudden road collapses, which could very well end in tragedy.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we don’t cut corners. We treat the engineering and construction of culverts with the care and seriousness they deserve. After all, while most people probably don’t give much thought to that metal pipe sticking out from under the road, we understand the critical role culverts play in drainage and keeping water flowing.

If you need culvert engineering in Innerkip, trust G. Douglas Vallee Limited to get the job done right!

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