Innerkip Grade Checks

Grade checks on your Innerkip property might sound intimidating—something you can just keep putting off, right? After all, your house isn’t new—isn’t grading something that’s supposed to happen before the house is even built?

Well, while it’s true that grading happens before the construction of the house, it needs to be reevaluated periodically to make sure it’s still doing its job! When a house is originally built, if it was done properly, the property was graded (contoured) so that it slopes away from the house. As the years pass, however, the land around your house can very subtly shift and cause rainwater to actually run towards your house and pool there, instead of being directed away. All that water has nowhere to go but into your basement! 

Water damage to your property can be very costly, and wouldn’t it feel awful to know you could have prevented it? Having your property inspected now can save you money and heartache down the line. Grade checks don’t have to be scary. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and we’ll take care of your Innerkip grade checks so you can rest easy knowing rainwater and spring melt runoff is going where it’s supposed to—away from your basement!

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