Innerkip Grading Design

Ever seen a parking lot after a heavy rain that looked more like a lake than a place to park a car? Huge puddle in the middle, and dry around the edges? That’s because water naturally travels the path of least resistance: downhill. Think of that flooded parking lot… and now picture the basement of your new property flooded in just the same way. Not great, is it? The good news is that much can be done before the building is even erected to prevent flooding and water damage. With proper grading design, your Innerkip building can stay high and dry.

We at G. Douglas Vallee Limited are experts at assessing a site and creating a plan to manage the flow of water around a property. With proper landscape contouring, maybe even an invisible drainage pipe or two, water can be directed away from your building and into harmless locations, saving you thousands in repair bills before the damage even occurs. With over 300 combined years of experience, our team prides itself on doing a precise, thorough job, every time.

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