Innerkip Home Designs

A home is important to a family. You spend a lot of time there; you want it to feel just right, and combine practicality and functionality with aesthetics so that the entire package is a reflection of you and your family. Whether your dream home is a ranch, a Victorian, or a colonial; one storey or two; our experienced architects can draft up just the Innerkip home designs you were looking for.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we understand the limit isn’t always the sky—the unfortunate reality is that not all of us have an unlimited supply of money to spend on building the perfect home from our mind’s eye. That’s why our team will sit down with you, talk out all the details, and work with you to ensure your end result is something you’re thrilled with, and stays within your budget—whatever that budget may be. We pride ourselves on striving for honesty, integrity, and communication in everything that we do. If during the design process we spot something that may not work, we will be up front with you about our reasoning; because it’s much easier to iron out wrinkles in the pen-and-paper stage than once construction has already begun.

Downloading a premade template layout from a website and handing it off to a contractor might seem quicker and easier, but in the long run, it won’t be as satisfying as knowing you helped design your dream home with your family in mind. Trust your Innerkip home designs to the experienced team at G. Douglas Vallee Limited

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