Innerkip House Designs

Have you always dreamed of having your own house built, brand new, just the way you want it? Maybe you’ve been searching for that perfect home on the market, only to come up short; or maybe you want to be the first to live in a pristine, never-before-lived-in house, with no worries about mould lurking in the walls or a sinking foundation. If you’re considering building a house, come to the professionals for your Innerkip house designs.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited has been in the business of designing homes for over 50 years. We’ve done it all—any style you can imagine, tailored to your budget. Our architects will sit down with you and plan out every detail of your dream home, then draft up detailed technical plans and blueprints: everything you need to make your dream a reality. You are limited only by your imagination! (And, well, the laws of physics. But let us worry about that.) Our team will ensure your house designs are up to code, cost effective, and, most importantly, safe and structurally sound.

Don’t take a chance with something as vital as the structural bones of your new house. Get your Innerkip house designs drafted up right the first time, by the professionals at G. Douglas Vallee Limited!

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