Kitchener House Addition Drawings

When we think of house addition drawings, two major factors come to mind: A design for the addition that provides necessary functionality for the added interior, and a design that fits into the existing exterior and interior aesthetic of the home.

Taking these factors into account, along with local bylaws, permits, and requirements for house additions, it can be a lot to juggle. That’s where G. Douglas Vallee Limited comes into play. We’re experts at house addition drawings in Kitchener, because our team operates on the principles of quality work, honest communication, and a passion for success—both your success and ours.

We know that you want to create an addition that reflects your vision for the family home, and we’ll work within your budget to create Kitchener house addition drawings that balance both your requirements and the city’s guidelines. And if you need someone to build it after the drawings are approved? Well, we can do that too.

Give us a call, and put us to work to make your vision a reality!

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