Listol Civil Engineering

Anyone remember Sim City? It was a popular series of games where you, in the position of an all-powerful mayor who could zone neighbourhoods and direct the construction of roads and powerlines as will. A click here and you have a new bridge. A click there and a new parking lot appears. If only it was that simple in real life! When you have a Listol civil engineering project that needs to be tackled, a little clicking won’t get the job done. No, you’ll need a firm like G. Douglas Vallee that has the knowledge, equipment, and ability to make that project a success. 

While the construction elements might be pure fantasy, one thing those games were great at was expressing just how complicated creating a functional community can be. Cities are eco-systems all of their own, with many overlapping systems working together to create function or dysfunction. A single poorly planned intersection can become a massive bottleneck to an entire community. A thriving commercial district can shrivel and die if there isn’t the parking or infrastructure to support it. And a neglected bridge can be a tragic liability to any community.

These are all projects G. Douglas Vallee Limited knows and understands. In our almost 60 years of operation, we taken on some of the most complex and demanding civic challenges you can name. From the design and construction of a sewage treatment plant, to maintenance on a crucial and highly trafficked bridge. We know how to plan and execute a project in a way that achieves its goals with a minimal impact on the daily lives of a community’s populace.

Listol deserves the best civil engineering it can get. Fill out the contact info on the side of the page or give us a call to get started.

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