Listol Demolition Permit Drawings

Here is a nightmare scenario for you – you’ve got your plans, you have your contractors, you’ve secured your funding, and everything is set to go. You’re on the clock and burning money. Only you can’t begin your project. When your team asks, you can’t even give them a clear estimate on when you can begin. Why? Because at the last moment your Listol demolition permit drawings were rejected by the municipality. Now you’re stuck in limbo as your budget shrinks by the day. 

That’s the kind of delay that can kill a project. That’s why at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we never cut any corners with our demolition permit drawings. Our expert designers and seasoned engineering team consider a demolition from every angle, take every possibility into account when creating your submission. We have a Registered Land Use Planner on staff who specializes in exactly this kind of work, drawing on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of not only provincial and federal regulation, but local municipal by-laws to ensure every T is crossed and every I dotted before submitting your demolition plan for review.

Of course, a delay in schedule is only one nightmare when looking at a demolition. Another is the possibility of injury, accidental damage to surrounding property, or a disaster borne of negligence. Your Listol demolition permit drawings are an essential part of keeping your project on track, but they are also an essential roadmap for a safe and responsible demolition. Don’t leave the start of your project to chance, call on the seasoned experts at G. Douglas Vallee to assist with these crucial first steps.

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