Listol Grade Check

forbidden in the “lake.” The lake wasn’t some idyllic pond hidden off the beaten path, or the ironic name for a swimming facility or anything. It was the giant pool of standing water that developed every winter thaw. A yawning pool of filthy water that would take up fully one half of the recess yard. Never in my entire life have I ever seen as strong an argument for a grade check. In Listol, the name to call for this essential service is G. Douglas Vallee.

Grading is one of those things that tends to go unappreciated until you see an example of why its so vital. It should always be a fundamental consideration in any design project, just as important as making sure the walls are sound and the foundation is level. Strong grading design is all about preventing accidents before they happen. If G. Douglas Vallee had been consulted by my elementary school, they wouldn’t have had to worry about a potentially dangerous (not to mention embarrassing) hazard forming every Spring.

Protect the investment you’ve made in your home and your property. Get a grade check down by a professional firm with the skills and experience to identify grading hazards and correct them before you’re struck with disaster. Fill out the information on the side of the page and get in touch with G. Douglas Vallee Limited for a Listol property grade check.

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