Listol Home Designs

Great homes come from great minds, and our direct of architecture Mark Martynowicz has a pretty great mind for design! As a veteran engineer who has been licensed by the Ontario Association of Architects for over 30 years, Mark has the experience and in-depth knowledge to make your Listol home designs a success.

Mark has an extensive background in all kinds of projects. He’s led the team through large scale commercial projects, specialized recreational sites, and a host of one-off buildings that demand special care and attention such as firehouses and chapels. So if all you need is a regular home design plan, Mark has you covered. If you have something more ambitious in mind – multiple homes, something unique like that backyard vert ramp you’ve always dream about, or whatever else – Mark is up to the task!

At G. Douglas Vallee, we relish a challenge, and nothing makes us prouder than a satisfied client. That’s why we always work closely with our clients, listening to them and soliciting their feedback throughout the process. You tell us what you want, and we’ll move heaven and earth to get you the design that matches that vision.

When you are looking for Listol home designs, trust a team with a proven track record. With decades of successful projects at our back, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with G. Douglas Vallee Limited.

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