Listol Subdivision Development

Oh wow, that subdivision just popped up overnight!

We wish it were that simple! At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we appreciate good design, and to us, a well-designed subdivision development in a community like Listol is an absolute thing of beauty. But they are also labours of love. Subdivisions are large projects that require a mind for civil engineering, an eye for design, and a heart for a community’s spirit. While to passing commuters it might seem like a subdivision suddenly “sprung up” out of nowhere, we understand the amount of planning, thought, and hard work involved in making one a reality.

We know this because we’ve experienced it firsthand. At G. Douglas Vallee we couldn’t be more proud of our track record in subdivision development. From our work in the Silver Lake Estates subdivision in Port Dover to the modern Yin subdivision in Waterford, we pride ourselves on making top quality homes in top quality neighbourhoods. 

There is a lot more to subdivision development than a simple grid plan and a few home templates. The best subdivisions are made with the people that will live in them in mind. They need to be designed around creating living spaces for the people in them, to provide access to amenities and encourage a safe and efficient traffic flow through the neighbourhood. As well as all the hundreds of small design considerations you’d never think of just driving by.

Trust your Listol subdivision development to the capable hands at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. We’ll make sure it satisfies your needs, the needs of the community, and sticks to a schedule that isn’t quite “overnight” but is pretty darn close.

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