Milton Home Designs

The comfort, security, and beauty of your property are vital in finding joy and satisfaction in your home. These features are what drives us to provide tasteful home designs to the residents of Milton, Ontario.

Whether you’re moving, or are relocating to Milton, we’ll create a home design that will make you feel proud of your new home and show you that you belong there.

Our professional designs helped to create some of the best homes in Milton. You can contact us for custom plans that deliver everything you want in your new home without any compromises.

Aside from being gorgeous and functional, our Canadian houses keep you safe and warm, no matter how harsh the Canadian weather gets.

We have plenty of home designs in Milton for you to choose from.


Bungalow houses became popular in the early 1900s. They’re still popular today, especially for small families. A bungalow typically has one story, but we can give you a custom 1.5 story design. You can even add a porch if you want to spend time enjoying your outdoor space, too.


Cottages are typically single-story houses that fit perfectly into the countryside. They are known for being small and charming and can have just one bedroom or as many as three.

We can design a small or medium-size cottage with lots of options, including: 

1.5 Story House Plans

If you want maximum space but can’t afford a two-story home, we can design you a 1.5 story home. Our 1.5 story home designs combine space with timeless design, so you have equal parts warmth and aesthetic. A standard 1.5 story house has a master bedroom, living areas, and up to two bathrooms on the ground floor. The remaining bedrooms and baths will be on the upper floor with enough space to accommodate a growing family far into the future.

Other Milton home designs you can count on us for include:

Ready to become the proud homeowner of your own Milton home? We put our clients first in every home design project we take on. Contact us today to talk about creating custom plans for your perfect home.

  • Stucco or shingles for the exterior
  • Gable roofs
  • Bay windows
  • A garden
  • Small porch
  • Anything to make the home represent your personality!
  • Colonial
  • Condominium
  • Duplex & Multi-Unit
  • French
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Spanish Style
  • Split Level
  • Victorian

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