Mississauga Culvert Engineering

Did you know the first culverts were designed thousands of years ago? The Romans famously used culverts to revolutionize their city design of course, but there are examples even earlier than that! The Minoans, a bronze age culture in ancient Crete designed culverts that were centuries ahead of their time in terms of scope and ambition. As impressive as that is, we’ve  picked up a few tricks when it comes to Mississauga culvert engineering since then!

Never content to settle for what is good enough or has worked in the past, G.Douglas Vallee is committed to staying on the cutting edge of bridge and architectural design. We invest in the latest new techniques and technologies to make sure your culvert project is as forward-looking and long lasting as the vision of the ancient Minoans. With our expert knowledge, state of the art tools and materials, and knowledge of the local environment and landscape, who knows? Maybe in a few thousand years archaeologists will be marveling at a G. Douglas Vallee project!

At G.Douglas Vallee, we have over 300 years of combined engineering and design experience at our team’s disposal. That’s a lineage even the Romans would appreciate! We’ve worked on every kind of project you could care to name with every kind of material and working against every kind of obstacle. When it comes to Mississauga culvert engineering, we have the talent and tools to tackle any project and make something that will stand the test of time.

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