Mississauga Home Designs

When we’re young, many of us dabble in a little home design. We cut out a shoebox apartment for our toys, or play a game where we design living spaces for virtual family members and friends. It’s a lovely fantasy and a great use of creative energies. But what if you could make that fantasy a reality? What if you could take those ideas and turn them into something concrete for you and your family. That’s where G. Douglas Vallee and our Mississauga home designs come in.

Designing a home for real isn’t anything like doing it on your bedroom floor or from your computer chair. There are so many details to consider and work with. You have to plan for functionality as well as finding something aesthetically pleasing both inside and out. Then it all has to conform with entire textbooks worth of regulations and provisions for the city to give the plan the green light. Thankfully, at G. Douglas Vallee, we aren’t just playing.

We’re a full service engineering and architectural firm that is committed to achieving our client’s dreams.  We’ve been in the business since 1964 and our core team of engineers and designers have a combined 300 years of experience between them of turning idea into reality.

You describe your dream home to us, the things you’d want, how you would like it to look, all the big ideas. We’ll take those concepts and work down to the nitty-gritty to make them a reality. To draw up a Mississauga home design that will make you feel as excited and passionate about home design as you were when you were a child. Give us a call today so we can begin the first steps to designing the home of your dreams. 

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