Middlesex Centre Awarded Green Funding

G. Douglas Vallee Limited congratulates our client, Middlesex Centre, on receiving funding approval for their new fire station from the Green Municipal Fund. The funding announcement states in part that Application, ‘GMF 15103 Proposed Construction of 9,900sq/ft Net Zero Energy (NZE) Carbon Neutral Fire Hall in Coldstream, Ontario’ was approved for a loan up to a maximum of $2,621,500 and a grant of up to 15% of the loan amount, to a maximum of $393,200. Peer reviewers commented that there is an excellent consulting team along with a senior interdepartmental municipal team in place to monitor and guide the project. They noted that the project will be an excellent example of net zero energy building for other communities locally through a sustainability alliance and also at a national level for other communities. 

This initiative will also contribute towards the Ontario Long Term Energy Plan regarding conservation demand management. Finally, they said that the project is well-linked with existing plans, policies and programs and showed solid support from the Municipality’s Council. The project will also demonstrate that net-zero buildings are possible in the commercial sector with minor incremental cost.

Once again, congratulations to Middlesex Centre!