Project Award: Norfolk County 2025 Structure Rehabilitations and Replacements

Vallee is proud to announce that Norfolk County has chosen our Structural Engineering Bridge Division to provide services for six bridge and culvert projects, beginning later this year and continuing through 2025.

As part of the contract, our work will facilitate the replacement of Little Lake Culvert, Bloomsburg Bridge, and Concession 3 Road Windham Bridge, while Port Royal Bridge, 13th Street West Arch, and Norfolk Street South Bridge will undergo rehabilitation work.

This is an especially exciting contract for our Structural Engineering department; the inclusion of the Norfolk Street South Bridge will allow us to expand on the work we completed as part of the Cst. John Verral Bridge replacement in 2022 and revitalizing downtown Simcoe one step at a time. Our hope is to instill the nostalgia of Norfolk’s golden age through good design and craftsmanship and bring a sense of pride back to Simcoe’s infrastructure.