Norfolk County House Addition Drawings

When you want to add on to your home in Ontario, house addition drawings form the foundation of your plans before you even start building your addition. Without them, you can’t start your project.

At G. Douglas Vallee, we help you take measurements and create the Norfolk County house addition drawings you need. We make sure you have accurate drawings that comply with Norfolk County bylaws before you begin your project.

What is the Purpose of Drawings?

House addition drawings show your home addition’s structural specifications. These plans offer a detailed look at how your home’s floor area will increase and where the planned addition fits.

Drawings also show whether the new structure is up to code at the planning stage. Ideally, these plans prevent non-compliance during the building process. They show the building’s measurements, materials, architectural design, and other factors that come into play during the building process.

The kind of house addition drawings you need will depend on your project. For example, if you plan to build an interior addition, we’ll help you create drawings of your home’s interior and how the new addition will fit into the existing space. An exterior addition means you need drawings that show your property limits, zones, and other outside areas.

Why Do You Need Drawings?

Regardless of whether you plan to build an interior or exterior house addition, you must have drawings before you begin the project. The city building department must then approve the plans before you move forward with adding to your home.

Without house addition drawings, you risk violating municipal bylaws. Each municipality has different regulations. Working with a company you trust to create those drawings means getting them approved faster.

G. Douglas Vallee has been in business since 1964, and we have helped countless homeowners create Norfolk County house addition drawings. Call us at 519-426-6270 and talk to us about your home addition.

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