Port Stanley Bridge Engineering

Bridges have always been an important piece of human history. Every culture had to face the problem of getting across a large gap, be it a raging river, or a yawning gorge, at some point. From simple wooden logs and rocks piled into the water to create a makeshift pass, to the stunning ingenuity and technical savvy of the ancient Incan empire and it’s network of grass suspension bridges, the simple task of getting from one place to another has driven the human imagination for centuries. At G. Douglas Vallee, we’re proud to continue that tradition with our own Port Stanley bridge engineering efforts.

In our 60 years of operation, we’ve built bridges all across Ontario. Suffice to say, we’ve come a long way from our the engineers of our ancestors. Our bridges are designed and constructed using the latest in technological advances and materials. At G. Douglas Vallee, the quest for a better way never ends. We are constantly upgrading our shop and adding new skills to our repertoire so we can provide you with the safest, longest lasting bridge possible. While we certainly admire the courage to cross a bridge made of twisted strands of grass, we aim to provide something a little more solid for the average commuter!

Bridges leave a mark on the communities who made them. Even now, bridges quickly become landmarks for nearby residents, and spots of interest for tourists and those just passing through. When you need bridge engineering in Port Stanley, trust in a firm that knows how important the job is. Trust G. Douglas Vallee to make a mark your community can be proud of.

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