Port Stanley House Designs

Homes are complex structures. We tend to take it for granted when we come home from a long day, turn on the central air, have a quick shower, and sit down for a spell in front of the TV while dinner cooks. Think about everything involved in such a routine activity – HVAC and ducts that evenly cool the entire home, plumbing that is safe, reliable, and clean, electricity routed through the entire home, available at an instance,  gas pipes fuelling the range, bringing dinner to a nice simmer. That’s not even thinking about the design or aesthetics of the place, making all these elements not only work together, but look good doing so. With so much going on, why would you leave your Port Stanley house designs to anyone but the best?

G. Douglas Vallee knows homes. We’ve been in the design and construction business for more than 60 years. We’ve worked on everything from quaint cabins to mansions, from one-off specialty dream homes, to massive subdivision projects. We understand the nuance, the details that matter in the design of a house. How to turn a building from a “place where you live” to  “a place you call home.”

When you hire us for your house designs, you’ll receive the best service in the industry. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our clients. We’ll listen to you and bring you in on every stage of the design so you’re sure to receive the plans you wanted. With our years of experience, we’ll identify potential trouble spots, offer our design and engineering expertise your home, and ensure that the design meets every municipal, provincial, and regulatory measure so you won’t need to worry about a lengthily go-around of rejection and re-submission with the city. 

Get the house you want. Call G. Douglas Vallee Limited for your Port Stanley house designs.

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