Port Stanley Subdivision Development

Subdivisions are essential to the ongoing growth of a city and the prosperity of its residence. Conveniently located, affordable, and attractive, they’re perfect for growing families who want to live near the amenities of a city, but still enjoy the peaceful suburban life. If you’re planning a subdivision development in Port Stanley, hire a firm that has a proven track records designing and constructing successful subdivisions – G. Douglas Vallee.

We’ve worked on subdivisions across Ontario to fantastic results. We like to say the secret to our success is an eye for details. Our professional team of expert designers, engineers, and architects consider every facet and nuance of a project. We consider the best use of land, how to ensure the safe but efficient flow of traffic, and how the units look and feel to ensure a pleasant living experience for every resident.

But don’t take our word for it, you can check our work yourself. Take a look at our Dover coast project, a 900 unit subdivision focused on a high-end luxury quality of life experience. Or our work at the Simcoe Woodway Trails subdivision in Simcoe. Over 1000 units build and designed for maximum comfort and appeal.

A G. Douglas Vallee, we understand exactly what makes a subdivision stand out. Call us for your Port Stanley subdivision development and add the benefit of our expertise to your project today. 

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