In 2002, G. Douglas Vallee Limited was retained by Silvestri Developments of Ancaster as the Civil Engineer and Land Use Planner for Harvest Glen development in Simcoe. Almost 20 years later, the last of seven phases were fully serviced and construction of the last few homes completed.

The project faced challenges with obtaining draft plan approval and zoning amendments and changing municipal and approval standards and requirements over the life of the project. An existing municipal drain had to be incorporated into the servicing design. The stormwater pond was designed as an integral part of the park dedication and was considered to be the flagship and design standard for development in Norfolk County. This project was one of the largest subdivisions in Norfolk County, wrapping around Holy Trinity Catholic High School.

The development incorporates single-family dwellings, street and group townhouses, and a variety of housing styles. Harvest Glen is home to high-end, luxury homes and serves as a major source of development and growth in the southern part of Simcoe.