In 2019, G. Douglas Vallee Limited was retained by the Town of Tillsonburg to complete inspections on all of the road and pedestrian bridges, culverts, and retaining walls in the Town. Included in this list of structures was the Kinsmen Pedestrian Bridge, a former nine-span steel I-girder railway bridge built in 1888. Our work involved completing an Enhanced Inspection (OSIM), a Load Limit Analysis, and an Options Evaluation for various rehabilitation or replacement solutions. Partnering with RAM Inspectors (high-level rope access technicians), we were able to successfully complete the enhanced inspection in only a few days – a feat that otherwise would have required twice as much time to complete at a much greater expense! The results of the thorough inspection were critical in completing the Load Limit Analysis and accurately evaluating various options for rehabilitation and replacement for the Town of Tillsonburg.