MDRB Developments proposed a 136-unit group townhouse development in Port Rowan Norfolk County. G. Douglas Vallee Limited has been retained as the Planning and Servicing Consultant for the project.

The client’s immediate focus is to obtain the required zoning amendment to facilitate the development. Norfolk County concerns included municipal servicing capacity (sewers, watermains, and the associated treatment plants), traffic impacts, compatibility with the adjacent single-family homes and the social fabric of this rural community, and environmental impacts of the release of stormwater to the adjacent watercourse on County lands.

Vallee proposed a plan that includes only single-storey, bungalow-style units backing onto existing residential homes with higher-form homes on the interior of the block. This approach allows for a variety of dwelling forms including storey-and-a-half and two-storey units, while respecting the existing single-family homes around the development’s perimeter.

Vallee also completed the required studies to address the municipality’s concerns on servicing, traffic, and social impacts.

The zoning has been approved by Norfolk County without appeal, and the project is now proceeding to detailed design.