Through its Strategic Plan and conservational initiatives, the City of St. Catharines has identified environmental responsibility as a primary long-term goal for the municipality. With this in mind, Vallee’s design of St. Catharines Fire Station No. 2 has incorporated strategies that strive to achieve CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard v3.

These strategies include:

  • superior building envelope insulation levels
  • thermal bridge reduction
  • optimization and automation of mechanical and electrical systems
  • appropriate placement of windows and doors to maximize heating season solar gains
  • minimization or elimination of fossil fuel burning equipment
  • innovative heating and cooling system design with focus on heat recovery and renewable energy sources
  • energy modeling and building commissioning
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • product assessment based on longevity, recyclable content, waste reduction and improved indoor air quality

At the City’s request, Vallee has incorporated a historical look into the new design to compliment the surrounding residential area. The warm heritage façade of this new building will be a very welcome change and a dramatic improvement to the streetscape.