Simcoe Home Designs

Home is where the heart is… unless, of course, you forgot to add it into the design. Don’t worry—G. Douglas Vallee Limited knows how to add a little bit of heart to Simcoe home designs! Not only are we highly experienced in residential planning, design, and execution, but we love what we do. And we believe it shows in the work we do for our clients.

You want your home to be a reflection of you and your family, while also being functional, efficient, and aesthetically appealing. We get that! We have the necessary experience when it comes to building single-family homes in the Simcoe and Port Dover area. We’ve even had the privilege of being the exclusive designers for Norfolk Fairway Estates in Delhi and Coastal Homes in Port Dover.

So when it comes to creating Simcoe home designs, home really can be where the heart is—our work is our passion so that your home can be a welcoming place for the heart of your family.

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