St. George Bridge Engineering

Do you know the Three Sisters in the Grand River running through St. George? They’re three stone foundations seemingly placed in the river for no reason. If you happen to canoe by them, you might be filled with a little sense of mystery or awe. However, the actual history surrounding them isn’t a mystery – they’re the remains of a bridge collapse back in 1852. A bit of a sad reminder of how important good St. George bridge engineering really is.

Bridge maintenance is an essential, life-saving investment in the public’s safety. Our structural engineers know bridges. They know how to appraise their condition, effect crucial repairs with a minimum of downtime, and make sure everything stays exactly where it should.

But, bridges are more than just a way to get over a body of water or road. Their icons, landmarks to the area around them. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, they also say something about the city they’re in, the people that built them. Look at St. George, can you imagine it without its iconic bridges?

When it comes to St. George bridge engineering, you want a team that appreciates every aspect of bridge design. You want the expert engineers of G. Douglas Vallee Limited. 

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