St. George Culvert Engineering

Culverts are kind of the unsung hero of Ontario’s roads and waterways. They’re an essential system sure, but few people pay them any mind.  At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, it’s our job to think about what other people take for granted. When you need culvert engineering in St. George and beyond, we’re the experts to call.

Obviously big ticket projects like bridges get most of the attention. And that’s fine, we have tons of successful bridge design and maintenance projects to our name. But, the little things also have a place. Without culverts properly diverting the flow of water to safe locations, the entire ecology of Ontario would suffer. Erosion would endanger homes and businesses, depreciating value and risking floods. Wetlands and swamps would be eradicated in the name of progress, animals displaced and put at risk. 

A little melodramatic? Maybe, but there is no mistaking that culverts are important – even if most of us drive by them without even noticing them. Our engineering team has been providing top notch service to the people of Ontario for over 50 years by paying attention to the details others miss. When you need St. George culverts, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is the firm you want.

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